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Workshops Offered Once Per Month:

The Perfect Storm: Understanding Neurodevelopmental Challenges

As a parent, having a child receive a neurodevelopmental challenge diagnosis is one of the most difficult experiences in your life. How could this be? What was the cause? What do we do now? These are the questions you've asked yourself over and over again.

You've probably tried multiple therapies and perhaps even multiple medications - and yet you know something is still missing...

If these descriptions match your gut-feelings, you need to attend this FREE informative and impactful event.

Led by Dr. Joe, The Perfect Storm brings AWARENESS to the most common "ingredients" that constitute these now pandemic issues. More importantly, this workshop will identify key "ingredients" of childhood illness you may not be aware of.

You won’t leave just with information about these challenges; you will leave feeling empowered with knowledge and positive ACTION STEPS you can put in place immediately to help your child live the life they deserve.


If you are expecting a new little one, you will not want to miss this workshop! Our goal is to encourage women to “take the wheel” on what will be one of the most meaningful journeys of their lives.

This workshop will help those who are expecting come to a better understanding of how “common” choices in pregnancy and birth are leading to more interventions and the long term effects of those interventions on the health of our children.

You will leave feeling EMPOWERED and ready to experience birth from the first contraction to the final push!

Other workshops offered throughout the year:

    •    Essential Oil workshops
    •    Baby-led Weaning
    •    Cloth Diapering 101
    •    Baby Wearing
    •    Music Therapy
    •    Pathways Connect
    •    …and many more!

Check out our events page for all upcoming workshops and more information!

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