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About Us

One of the core values you’ll find at Cotton Chiropractic is family. We understand to the DEEPEST extent that when one member of your family is affected with poor health, it affects everyone around them. That is why we LOVE seeing entire families under our care. It is truly a blessing to see families in the greater Roanoke valley thrive through drug-free, natural health care. Our chiropractic techniques are gentle, safe and effective for newborns and infants, pregnant women and adults alike. From our Cotton Chiropractic family to yours - we are here FOR YOU.

We Can Help

While CHIROPRACTIC care is commonly known for back pain, neck pain and headaches, we take our care to a whole new level FOR you and YOUR FAMILY. At Cotton Chiropractic, we look deeper into the CAUSE of your health issues – not just the symptoms. We do this by strategically assessing how YOU or your child’s brain and spinal cord (nervous system) communicates with the rest of the body and locate any interference within this communication.


What to Expect

At Cotton Chiropractic, one of our greatest values is family. As a pediatric and family focused office, you will often walk in to find a mother with a precious newborn wrapped in her arms or a whole family who’s kids are squabbling over who is going to get adjusted first! Our reception area is cozy and welcoming where fresh fruit for kids and coffee for adults awaits. You’ll also find in our reception area our monthly board with updates on Cotton Chiropractic’s current events, workshops and giveaways! As you take your first step through our door – you become part of our Cotton Chiropractic Family. We want each family member to feel as comfortable in our office as they feel in their own homes – this is how we create a community filled with Happy Families and Healthy Futures!


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Community Impact

The ability to change an individual’s life through chiropractic care is absolutely amazing; sometimes downright miraculous! However, the ability to transform the health and well-being of our community is what we strive for at Cotton Chiropractic. A healthy community is a happy community full of potential and productivity. We believe this is an exciting and fulfilling way to live – don’t you?!

Contact Us

At Cotton Chiropractic, we understand many parents have questions about how chiropractic care will improve not only their own health, but the health of the entire family. When it comes to pediatric chiropractic care, many parents are curious, even skeptical of how chiropractic works. You have questions -- We have answers. Contact us today.

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